Welcome to Myers Risk Services

Founded in 1987 by Top Myers, Myers Risk Services offers an integrated set of risk mitigation consulting services & products. Risk Mitigation Consulting is available directly through Myers Risk Services. Insurance for Fire and Life Safety contractors is available through Risk Suppression Partners. Automated inspection technology is available from from Asurio, Inc.
Myers Risk Services President Top Myers provides expert risk mitigation consulting based on decades of industry experience.
Asurio reduces risk through BirdDog, a powerful, versatile mobile inspection & data collection system.
(Top Myers serves as president.)
Risk Suppression Partners specializes in insurance for fire sprinkler, alarm & security, and fire extinguisher contractors.
(Top Myers is a co-founder.)


Meet Top Myers

Top Myers is a long-time, respected thought leader in the area of risk mitigation consulting, with more than 40 years of experience in risk management. He has particularly strong expertise in the Fire-Life Safety industry, and has served as a principle member of the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 25 committee since it was created in 1990. Mr. Myers also serves as the president of Asurio, Inc. – which offers the BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System. He’s also a founding partner of the largest insurance/risk management company that serves the U.S. fire sprinkler industry. Top Myers travels nationwide to speak on risk management issues, and frequently is called to consult with contractors, insurance carriers, and property owners as an expert witness for fire-life safety contractors involved in liability lawsuits.