In addition to expert risk mitigation consulting, Myers Risk Services offers a series of risk mitigation products through “sister” companies with which Top Myers is affiliated. By providing risk mitigation consulting, fire-life safety contractor insurance & a powerful mobile inspection system, Myers Risk Services is able to provide a truly comprehensive approach to risk mitigation. Here’s a look at other offerings that help companies reduce risk & save money in the long run:

Risk Mitigation Products: Risk Suppression Partners – Insurance for Fire-Life Safety Contractors

Risk Suppression Partners offers risk mitigation products in the area of insurance for fire sprinkler, alarm & security, and fire extinguisher contractors. Risk Suppression Partners offers powerful expertise in this specialty area with a team that’s comprised of seasoned Fire Sprinkler Industry Board & Committee Participants, including team members who are long-time members of NFPA 25. Top Myers is a co-founder of this company.

Of note, a fire-life safety contractor is 2 times more likely to be named in an insurance claim that did not involve negligence on the part of the contractor. Risk Suppression Partners utilizes proven contracting tools, strategies & tactics designed to mitigate this type of risk.

In instances where a fire-life safety contractor did make a mistake, the Risk Suppression Partners team first pays the claim, and then assists with process improvements to ensure the mistake doesn’t happen again.

This added value puts Risk Suppression Partners in a class by itself.


Risk Mitigation Products: Asurio, Inc. – A Powerful, Versatile Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System

Asurio, Inc. offers the BirdDog Mobile Inspection & Data Collection System. BirdDog is one of the most powerful & versatile mobile inspection systems on the market today, with applications that range from fire-life safety inspections in a wide variety of facilities to field data collection activities tied to customized forms & questionnaires that speed the data collection process for field techs. Top Myers currently serves as president of Asurio, Inc.

BirdDog automates and streamlines inspection and data collection activities, along with the management, sharing & reporting of inspection data.

Asurio got its start in fire-life safety inspections, before expanding its capabilities to data collection applications. This powerful, innovative system can be used by fire-life safety contractors, in-house facility management departments, and any organization that need to inspect facilities and/or collect data to ensure safety  & compliance with specific industry mandates, for general risk management, or for asset management.

With its powerful, versatile abilities, BirdDog by Asurio reduces risk by ensuring compliance.


With this combination of risk mitigation products & risk mitigation consulting, Myers Risk Services offers a powerful blend of products & services that help business reduce risk & save money.